Vertical Submerged Pump Manufacturer and Supplier in India

Bhagwati Engineering manufactures varied range of Vertical Submerged Pump with high quality in Ahmedabad. Vertical Pump is a quality pumping a huge spectrum of process chemicals in a wide temperature array. Our comprehensive range of Submerged Pump is professionally manufactured for agricultural, industrial pumps requirements.We offer custom designed Vertical Submerged Pumps also known as cantiliver pump as per client’s necessity.Our pumps being high in demand suit client’s purpose for industrial industries.

Vertical Submerged Pump Manufacturer and Supplier in India

These are supplied from finest quality material and have features of low maintenance and user friendly.

For Handling Corrosive & Non Corrosive Chemicals
Precision Engineered – Economical – Reliable

Range of Coverage
Head Upto 40 MTRS Material of Construction
Flow Up to 50 M3/HR
Head Upto 40 MTRS Polypropylene, M.S., C.I., S.S.


  • No mechanical seal stuffing box required.
  • All the wet parts are in P.P. & Teflon construction with stand corrosion & erosion.
  • No foot valve required to lift from negative suction
  • No. leakages problem just like gland or mechanical seal
  • Normal maintenance
  • Easy Eliegment

 Out Standing Features:

  • In P.P. pump shaft are quoted with P.P. sleeve supported in upper part by heavy ball bearing and in the lower part by a bearing bush and according to the shaft length. They are provided with an intermediate bush.
  • In M.S. or S.S. Pump shaft are En-8 or SS-316
  • Impeller are semi-open type hydraulically balanced by back wanes or in the case of large impeller diameters by balancing holes and ware rings both sides.
  • Reliable fixing of impeller on the shaft by direct thread
  • Heavy duty bearing bracket.
  • Centrifugal, quiet, vibration free.

After Sales Service

Our service technicians can meet you any where in India at a short notice. Spares are available ready stock our constant Endeavour is to ensure that a “VIJAY” pump never causes you downtime once you have put it to operation.

Performance Curve

  • 2 HP/ 1440 RPM
  • 3 HP/ 1440 RPM
  • 5 HP/ 1440 RPM
  • BPE
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