Mud Pump Manufacturer and Supplier in India

We are affianced in offering a comprehensive range of Mud Pumps in india. Manufactured using modern equipment, Mud pumps are high performing, easy to install and have long service life. Mud Pump is attached with complete set of mixers as well as pumps. These Mud Pumps are recommended with stability, high effectiveness and designed for movement of drilling fluid & other corrosive chemicals.

Mud Pumps are accessible in different sizes and shapes and are widely suitable to the industry. We manufactures and supplies mud pumps such as self priming mud pumps, self priming mud mono pumpset, c.i. self priming mud pump, ss self priming mud pump, ss – 316 self priming mud pump, c.i. mud pump, ss mud pump, ss – 316 mud pump, self priming bare mud pumpset and hydraulic mud pumps in India.

Operation Advantage of Self Priming Mud Pump

  • Pump is designed to retain the liquid at suction side of the casing to operate the pump as self priming
  • Sufficient space is maintained to handle the solids
  • First time priming is require to remove the air
  • Generally self priming is upto 5 metre
  • Foot valve is not required

Capacities :

  • 0.5 HP to 20HP
  • 500 – 60,000 LPH
  • Available with open and closed impellers
  • Can be fitted with any standard motors
  • Suitable for highly corrosive liquids
  • Available Material – Poly Propylene (P.P.), M.S., C.I., S.S.
Mud-Pump, PP Pump ,manufacturer in India


  • Polluted liquid, muddy water or fresh water.
  • Dewatering basements trenches.
  • Swimming pools construction sites onboard shifts as blidge for desk wash & engine colling.
  • Tiles and marbles factories.
  • Any application where priming is to be avoided.

Special Features

  • Excellent quick automatic action without foot valve up to 7 meters.
  • Automatic air release during priming.
  • Back pull out design, so easy maintenance without disturbing pipelines.
  • Dynamically balanced rotating parts ensure less vibrations.
  • Better efficiency because of good hydraulic design.
  • Minimum parts, fast repairing at low cost, also pump is available at economical rate.
  • Available in Bare, Coupled, Mono-block, Belt driven & Engine driven version.
  • Also offered pump with trolley / trailer to move it from one place to another.
  • Mono-block pumps can be able to with stand with wide voltage fluctuations.
  • Less expensive & easily available spares.
  • Pumps can be fitted with mechanical seal as per customer’s requirements.
  • Very simple construction, only two moving parts.
  • Easy inspection of impeller.
  • Large diameter solids handled . up to 60 mm.
  • High resistance. to abrasive liquids the wear plate is easily replaced and impeller are also available with ceramic coating
  • Easy to install:- only the suction hose is immersed in the liquid, The pump can be set up high and dry in the most convenient position for inspection and maintenance.
  • Easily replaceable wearing parts one or more times to get the original performance.


  • Self priming
  • Compact in design
  • can handle solids
  • Can use with diesel engine
  • Sturdy and strong construction for outdoor application

Range of Performance

  • Mud Pumps are available with open and closed type impellers
  • Impellers are of three piece design integrally moulded with unique design
  • Base shaft is EN8
  • It is moulded with PP and sleeved impellers
  • Compatible with 95% of aggressive chemicals & corrosive chemicals
  • Single piece unique design
  • Anti-rotation impeller unlocking system
  • Rotatable universal flange