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Polypropylene pumps are a type of chemical pump that is used to transfer liquids, gases, and slurries. These pumps are made of a thermoplastic polymer known as polypropylene, which is a light yet strong material that is highly resistant to corrosion and abrasion. Polypropylene pumps have become increasingly popular due to their durability and cost-effectiveness. It is designed in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit a variety of applications. The most common type of polypropylene pump is a centrifugal pump, which is used to move fluids in a circular motion. This type of pump is often used in industrial and commercial applications, as it is capable of operating at high pressures and temperatures.

Bhagwati Polypropylene pumps have a wide range of uses and can be used in a variety of industries. From food processing to industrial process control, these pumps are an excellent choice for many applications. They are also an economical option, as they are highly cost effective and require minimal maintenance. Overall, polypropylene pumps are an excellent choice for applications where durability and cost-effectiveness are important.

Operation Advantage of Polypropylene Pumps

  • Low power consumption
  • High Capacity
  • Enable effective solutions
  • Controls Air Pollution
Polypropylene Pump Manufacture in India

Another popular type of polypropylene pump is the peristaltic pump. This type of pump is designed to transfer liquid or gas through a tube using a series of rollers that press against the inside of the tube. This type of pump is often used to move fluids at a constant rate and can be used for applications such as chemical dosing, water treatment, and food processing.

Polypropylene pumps (PP Pumps) are available in both electric and manual models. Electric pumps have the advantage of being able to be operated remotely and are often used for applications such as industrial process control. Manual pumps are often used for low-flow applications and can be used in applications such as laboratory equipment or food processing.

Range of Performance

  • Polypropylene Pumps are available with open and closed type impellers
  • Impellers are of three piece design integrally moulded with unique design
  • Base shaft is EN8
  • It is moulded with PP and sleeved impellers
  • Compatible with 95% of aggressive chemicals & corrosive chemicals
  • Single piece unique design
  • Anti-rotation impeller unlocking system
  • Rotatable universal flange

Capacities :

  • 0.5 HP to 20HP
  • 500 – 60,000 LPH
  • Available with open and closed impellers
  • Can be fitted with any standard motors
  • Suitable for highly corrosive liquids