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Bhagwati PP Pump provides finest quality of Vacuum Ejector in India. Our products are highly esteemed in the market for their different design and features.

Vacuum Ejector is similar hydraulic design to any conventional centrifugal pump. It differs in so far as it is always mounted in the vertical position. A restriction is provided above the impeller and need for any from of liquid seal is obylated by allowing a small leakage to escape by way of an overflow connection in the upper pump body return to suction vessel.

Moreover, these pumps are widely appreciated for their trustworthiness and reliable. We have made accessible a wide range of Vacuum Ejectors for our well-regarded patrons. The high-class comprehensive design of these Vacuum Ejector increases their performance. Further, we also offer these products as per the clients' specific requirements.

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Salient Features   Material Of Construction
1. Absolute reliability.
2. Robust and long working life.
3. Can be made from many corrosion resistance Material.
4. Easy handling even of large suction quantities.
5. Low capital, installation and maintenance costs.
6. Compact and light weight.
7. No moving part to wear or to go out of order.
8. Simple in operation.
9. No sealing and lubricating liquids are required as in mechanical system as per eg: Water ring vacuum pumps & high vacuum pumps.
Cast iron
Cast Steel Carbon
Stainless Steel Lead
Monel Rubber Lined
Porcelain PVC

Teflon Polypropylene
Producing and maintaining high vacuum to moderate vacuum down to atmosphere in the following processes :-
1. Distillation
2. Evaporation
3. Refrigeration
4. Crystallization
5. Deodorization
6. Deaeration
7. Drying
8.Cooling (Evaporative)
9. Vacuum metallurgy
10. Filtration
11. Degassing
12.Debusting (in size reduction)
13. Heating, Pumping, Mixing and Stirring of Fluids, induced fluids can be Gases, Liquids, Slurries or liquids with granular solids in suspensions.
14. Exhausting and scrubbing of gases with liquids.
These Units Are Made in Following Types
Sr. No. Type Range of Suction Pressure
1.Water Ejector
2.One Stage Steam + Water Ejector
3.Two Stage Steam + One Stage of Water Ejector
32 mm. at shut off with 30°C water
10 mm Hg. abs.
2 mm Hg. abs.
Capacity Of Standard Units in M3/HR Free Air Displacement
Hp 1 2 3 5 7.5 10 15 20
M3/HR 6.5 25 50 80 160 240 330 440
CFM 4 15 30 50 95 140 200 260
Make Up Water LPM 4 5 6 8 16 20 30 40
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