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Rotary Gear Pump

Products Range

We manufacture comprehensive range of Rotary Gear Pump, Multi-stage Rotary Gear Pump, Gear Pumps and Rotary Pumps with superior quality & latest technology in India.

Rotary Gear Pump provides high capacity with low power consumption and facilitates easy maintenance through open & closed impellers for leak proof & maintenance free pumping of corrosive and abrasive liquids.

Our Gear Pumps gives high volumetric efficiency for Lubrication, Transfer of Oil, Mechanical Impellers and Pressurized Fuel Oil with top-notch quality in India.

Rotary Gear Pump - Rotary Gear Pump Manufacturer Ahmedabad
Operation Advantage of Rotary Gear Pump
  • Low power consumption
  • High Capacity
  • Enable effective solutions
  • Controls Air Pollution
Capacities :

* 0.5 HP to 20HP

* 500 – 60,000 LPH

* Available with open and closed impellers

* Can be fitted with any standard motors

* Suitable for highly corrosive liquids

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Range of Performance
* Rotary Gear Pumps are available with open and closed type impellers
* Impellers are of three piece design integrally moulded with unique design
* Base shaft is EN8
* It is moulded with PP and sleeved impellers
* Compatible with 95% of aggressive chemicals & corrosive chemicals
* Single piece unique design
* Anti-rotation impeller unlocking system
* Rotatable universal flange

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